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Beyond the Method: Rendezvous with IS Researchers

AIS India Chapter (INAIS) announces an online workshop on research methods in Information Systems. This workshop is targeted at Ph.D., Master’s students and young faculty members. The purpose is to familiarize participants with different methods typically used in information systems research, assuage concerns that they may have in the application of a particular method while giving them a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes surprises (pleasant as well as challenges) that the researcher faced while conducting a particular study. 

It is not too rare for many of us to have thought about what went into a paper before it reached the final stage that we see “in print”. The idea of this workshop is to give doctoral students an experience of being exposed to different methods, the challenges in working with them, but also providing a glimpse of the nuances in the ramp-to-store ideation-to-acceptance process of shaping a paper.

Each speaker will talk about one of their published papers which has used a particular research method. The paper will be shared a priori with the workshop participants. During the webinar, the speaker will very briefly introduce the paper, but spend more time talking about their journey doing that study, writing the paper, handling the SEs, AEs and reviewers and then getting it published. 

The methods that we plan to cover in this workshop include Grounded Theory, Ethnography, Field Experiments, Qualitative Comparative Analysis, Agent-based Simulation, System Dynamics, Survey Research, Econometric modelling, Structural Equation Modelling/PLS, Theory Building and Mixed Methods.


The workshop is free. AIS India Chapter will bear the costs of hosting this workshop. The workshop is open to Masters, Ph.D. students and faculty members. However, we ask that all participants register ahead in order to attend the workshop. A registration number is provided to the participant using which she/he will be admitted into the online webinar sessions.  

To register, click here.

A participation certificate will also be available for those interested. This certificate will be issued by INAIS. To obtain this certificate participants will have to attend at least 75% of the sessions. They will also be charged a nominal fee of Rs 2000 (two thousand) for the certificate.

While the workshop is open to non-AIS India Chapter members as well, we encourage participants to become AIS India Chapter members. 

How does this work?

We will organize one webinar a week over a period of 12 weeks. Participants will need to register for the workshop through a google form expressing interest to attend. This will be a one-time registration for the entire workshop. 

The webinars will be organized through an online meeting platform. The link for the webinar will be sent to registered participants prior to the webinar. 

Each webinar will be scheduled at a time which matches waking hours in India as well as the Speaker's time zone.  The time of the webinars may not always be the same every week.

Preparation Expectations

Participants attending the workshop are expected to have read the paper that the speaker will be presenting prior to the workshop. It is our humble request to participants not to ask questions or seek clarifications if you have not read the paper. We believe this would be disrespectful to both the speaker as well as to your peers in the audience. 


Past Workshops

 IIM Bangalore & IIIT Bangalore to co-host Workshop on Paper Development on March 30, 2020 

INAIS co-hosted a workshop on paper development for scholars in Information Systems who are planning to submit papers to ICIS 2020 to have their drafts reviewed by a community of scholars. This workshop sought papers that were in near-complete stage or already completed, for submission to ICIS, and for which authors are seeking feedback to improve and fine tune. The workshop provided feedback on aspects of topic selection, track selection, compliance with paper formatting, presentation style, and research content. 

Workshop Coordinators were:


Workshop Coordinators:

Rajendra Bandi, IIM Bangalore

Amit Prakash, IIIT Bangalore

Rahul De', IIM Bangalore


INAIS-IITM-UoP Workshop:

Association for Information Systems India Chapter (INAIS), Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras and University of Passau, Germany co-hosted an Author Development Workshop for Information Systems scholars on November 29 and 30th, 2019.  The workshop was conducted at IIT Madras, Department of Management Studies.

Workshop Coordinators were: 

Prof. Saji K Mathew, Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras

Prof. Franz Lehner, Graduate School of Business, University of Passau, Germany

Prof. Priya Seetharaman, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta.



International Research Workshop at IIM Trichy:

An international research workshop on "e-Government and Public Service Delivery: Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations" was held at IIM Trichy on 21st August, 2019.  The workshop was co-hosted by Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli, in association with Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA).  20 participants from across the world participated.  Experts in the area of common service centres in the context of e-Governance participated from different countries.  Apart from presentations by experts, a panel discussion on making CSCs more effective was also part of the workshop.


MCHV - INAIS Workshop:

A "Workshop on Being (more) Human in a Digitised World" was co-hosted with Management Centre for Human Values, IIM Calcutta at the MCHV Seminarium in IIM Calcutta on February 1-2, 2019. The workshop brought together 30 researchers and practitioners working on the various facets of behavioural and social issues relating to information technology. Participants were from IIM Bangalore, IIT Delhi, IIIT Bangalore, Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Australian National University, National University of Singapore, University of New South Wales (Australia), Towson University (USA), Nova Southeastern University, etc. Select papers from the workshop will be part of the special issue of the Springer journal Information Systems Frontiers.